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These are the current members of Möbius HTML Design. Currently, there are no openings for members, nor is there a need. Someday, if membership ever opens, it will only be a loose association, to be perfectly general. When that time comes, the requirements and specifics of membership will be created and declared.

Geoffrey Wagner
Founder, HTML Author, Web Designer

Geoffrey is fluent in HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, and CSS 2.1, but still looks things up from time to time. He knows how to write PHP scripts, but does not know enough to put out anything generally availble to the public. At one time, he also did the same with CGI. He would like to be able to make use of MySQL—that is, write his own scripts to make use of it—but doesn't want to devote any time to learn it.

Geoffrey used to be a member of The HTML Writers Guild, but, as there were basically no benefits of remaining a member (for him anyway), he is no longer.

So far, all pages authored, maintained, or for which aid was offered have been done so by Geoffrey.

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