What is Möbius HTML Design?

What is Möbius HTML Design? Simply put, it is a a one-man HTML authoring group! Truth be told, I started the group with a few other like-minded HTML authors, originally formed for mutual support and edification. But, those plans fell through as each of us quickly moved on to other ventures, brought on, also, by the demise of the World Wide Free-net IRC Network.

What was our like mind? Well, we simply strove to create quality pages at little expense; that is to say, we make nice pages without a lot of bells and whistles. And, we do it by doing our own hard coding without the aid of HTML Editors—we are HTML writers (but, we do not hesitate to make use of ready made cgi/php/asp/etc. scripts).

This group was originally to be called, per my suggestion, Möbius Web Authors and Designers. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, our plans fell through. However, I still desired an organization, however unoffical, to group my HTML Authorship under—a banner under which to author HTML pages. So, I thought, why don't I create such a group, if only for myself. And, Möbius HTML Design was born.

Where did my inspiration for all of this come from? Well, while surfing the web one day, I happened upon a web page on which I saw something I liked. Trying to replicate it, I searched the source code, just to see if I could do it. I was amazed at how complex the code was, but after a few months of deciphering it, I was able to do something similar—better, I thought—with much simpler code.

Hence our use of the Möbius Strip. It is an elegent topological assertion despite its simplicity—infinity through simplicity. We believe we can produce inifinitely elegant web pages via simple methods. The main reason is because, usually, the more elgant you want a page to look, the more complex the coding. Our goal is to limit the complexity while striving for simplicity; we'll make things as nice-looking as possible without sacrificing simple coding.

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